The Vipers of Milan

The Vipers of Milan first refered to two brothers who jointly held the helm of a place called Lombardy in what is now modern day Italy. Bernabo Visconti and his brother Galeazzo ruled Lombardy in due succession of their Uncle Lucchino. Their Uncle was murdered by his wife, a plan that came to Lucchino's wife during a sex magic and blood-lust ritual orgy in which her nephews actually participated in. This give you pretty good sense of the family milieu. They crave power more than than anything. It drove them to do unspeakable acts and the brothers lived in state of perpetual war during which they devised a program call the Quaresima-- an elaborate 40 day program of gruesome tortures to be used in the execution of those the deemed to be traitors and enemies.

When this activity was no longer “fun” for the brothers, they began dabbling in dark arts, holding encounters with mages of the times, wizards and other magically adept beings. It was then that they began their blood bathing at the expense of their people-- using their blood first in an encounter with an ages-old sanguine vampire. Once they were turned they used the blood for the own vampire blood alchemy to improve their powers and become as strong as they possibly could. The brothers, known for their sexual orgy magic, produced an offspring of half vampire, half human breed who held brotherhood. They eventually became known as the Vipers of Milan.

This item is an original item of the present day Vipers of Milan and summons the original two brothers that ruled Lombardy and found the Vipers organization. It will allow you to astral travel and peer into the life and times of a real sanguine vampire while acquiring all of their magical powers and abilities of an actual sanguine vampire and being inducted into the rank and file of the Vipers of Milan.


This ring is in sterling silver and has an open back to anyone can wear it. The stone is a tiger eye.

The Vipers of Milan
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