The White Serpent and the Holy Fire

For centuries now, serpents have been known to be very magical creatures.  They have often been revered as souls that exist on earth in their primordial, animal form, but whom can act as intercessors between the immortals and humanity.  For instance, there is the Ouroboros in Egyptian culture, which a serpent that eats its own tail.  It signifies cyclic knowledge and that through enlightenment, one can only get stronger and achieve great things.  Yes, serpents were a foundation of Egyptian magic, but they have always been a beacon of knowledge and the are often considered an unofficial emblem of wisdom, across the globe for many different groups of people.  This item takes this theory to extravagant new levels, as this specific serpent has spent most of its time living in the realm of Heaven and witnessing those things that have gone on.   He is a natural guardian and has been in Heaven since before the time of Lucifer's revolt.  A lot of people see the serpent as Lucifer, but this one only true during one circumstance when Lucifer came up from the pits of Hell to possess the serpent as a means to trick Adam and Eve.  Ever since then, the serpent has become a symbol of taboo wisdom, but I assure you that there is nothing taboo about this item or the serpent it conjures.

While in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve would ask the serpent many questions.  The serpent would often act as a go-between between Heavenly knowledge and mortal understanding.  His home was the Tree of Knowledge, over which he was given free range.  By living here, the serpent was constantly obtaining more and more knowledge as the tree grew, he grew with it.  He stayed there, perched at the top of a tree, entangled around the tree, swelling with knowledge.  God would come to the Garden and serpent would give him report.  Thus, the serpent knew which knowledge God's creation should have and which they should not.  As it is in human nature, Adam and Eve tried to push the serpent to its limits but the serpent refused to tell any of the knowledge that God commanded remain secret. 

Lucifer, overhearing that conversation but not able to enter the Garden of Eden in his true for, set the wheels in his brain to turning.  The humans trust the snake, so why not possess the snake and tell them everything they want to know.  You see, Lucifer knows just about all that God does, from the times that he was the beautiful morning star.  Under the possession of the Devil, himself, the serpent then tricked them into eating the fruit to know all the secrets, upon which they were booted from the confines of their oasis.  After this, Lucifer left the serpent, who remained and he has been there ever since.  He is the voice of the angel that spoke to Moses through the burning bush.   He watched as Noah built his Arc and the flood waters rose up.   He was among the Heavenly host that sang to the Shepherds on the night of Jesus' birth.  He was at the Mount of Olives when Jesus went to fast before dying and he flew over the cross as Jesus was crucified.  But when he isn't doing the work of the Lord, he is entwined in the branches of the Tree of Life.  One must be extra careful when summoning the serpent, because it is one of Satan's favorite tricks to appear as this snake, in the name of the Lord and sabotage the knowledge that you want, for evil purposes.  

With this piece there is absolutely nothing to worry about, though.  It will give you a baptism of holy fire.  It is all white light.  There are no dark or negative elements to this piece, and Satan will not trick you.  If you are into dark arts, this piece will kill you(!) just like many of our white light pieces!  Just as Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt, so will those people that are evil and look upon the holiness of this relic.  This piece will bring God to you in his full form.  While this face is meant to represent the face of God, it is never really quite understood what form God decides to take.  This piece will bring the Serpent to you, who will then extend his body into the Heavens, to allow you to travel upon the bridge, to look upon the face of God!  This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity, because there are those in Heaven who aren't even allowed to look upon the face of God.  Those who do are considered the Holiest of the Holy and are granted special eternal powers that not even the Thrones (angels around God's Throne) have access to!  Others who have looked upon the face of God have died, that's how holy his presence is.  Don't worry, though.  We have tested this piece and you are 100% safe. 

As if this wasn't enough, this piece will allow you ask God any question.   Just as God speaks wisdom into the Tree of Knowledge, his sacred holding of power, God will directly answer this question for you!  I'm not talking about the Baptist's theory about, "God will show you a sign."  What I mean, is that with the intercessory power of the Serpent of Wisdom, this piece will allow you to talk directly to God!  Forget about them angels and those saints!  This piece allows you actually talk face to face with the Big Man, the one who has eternal and infinite knowledge!  You will be able to ask Him any question that your heart desires and he will give you the answer right then and there!  You can use this piece as many times as you would like, too.  Again, the power in this piece is eternal, meaning it lasts forever just like God.  Anytime you feel like you need to call upon the knowledge of the Lord, you go right ahead and use your piece.  The serpent will create a spiritual bridge that will allow you to travel to Heaven and gaze upon the Face of Glory, to ask him any question you want. 

Thirdly, and finally, you will be able to ask God to grant you anything that you want.  I'm talking in the way of wishes.  The Bible states that with God all things are possible.  Thus, he will grant you any wish you bestow upon Him.  No matter if you wish for riches, or knowledge, or true love, or whatever it is you may wish for-- you will be given it.  The powers in this piece do not lie!  The serpent is of the Holy Fire and will deliver you directly to God!

The White Serpent and the Holy Fire
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