The Witches Basket

The Witches Basket

Most of us hear about witches imploring flight on their broomsticks... however most witches prevail themselves by transporting into a new realm through a basket!

This may sound odd, but it is a noted truth~

In Chile, two self-confessed witches who were flying on a magical threshing basket were found naked in someone's yard after their basket ditched them afer a naked night ritual nearby.

The baskets are charms that work as portals that allow you to move across areas and impose your spirit into other rooms, states, lands, etc.

Most enchanted baskets never leave the hands of a witch, but we were able to acquire this piece that is a portal basket from Lilianna. She is a white light witch and this belonged to her cousin Gloria.

This is the first one we have ever encountered, and we have no certainty that we can get our hands on another one -- so do not wait on this!!

The Witches Basket
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