Theresa's Talents

Theresa's Talents

So what is clairaudience you may ask? Well, clairaudience is the paranormal ability to hear something inside your head as if you were hearing it with your physical ears.

For those who have a gift in clairaudience, there are two different ways these sounds may be perceived. The first and less common way is similar to what you would hear through your physical ears as if someone were speaking to you directly. It could be very abrupt and loud, or very soft and whisper like. The second and more common way is perceived through your inner ear. You may ask, "how can I hear something without my physical ears being involved?"

Well, it's the same way that you can read a book, and you are hearing the words inside your mind as you read, but your physical ears aren't involved in the receiving. Now in relation to clairaudience, these words may be more pronounced or a bit on the subtle side, depending upon the gift or skill level of the medium.

This abilitiy is a gift that psychics are normally born with, but can be empowered to another through invoking~!

The ability of clairaudience may be enhanced or developed by putting yourself into a deep level of connection with an enchanted vessel  and focusing on communication from your higher self or spirit guides.... this vessel was invoked by Theresa Caputo and will generate her gifts on to you. This is how she hears those who have passed tell her things to relay to those she is giving a reading too!

Clairaudience is a direct method that spiritual mediums use to communicate with non physical energy.... and this will implore you with the skill set to be a master communicator with those who are roaming in the great realms beyond Earth~

Theresa's Talents
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