Therianthropy Power ~ RR

Therianthropy is the ability to shapeshift and this item will bring that ability to you from anything. You take on the abilities, power, energy and language and you can do one or them all at one time.

This piece shows a wolf and a griffin but will do all creatures, mythos, real, dead and alive. It requires dedication on your part, but once you start to progress the results will amaze you!! It requires a offering of blood and there is a place on the back for it.

This item belonged to a Martyr Society where they practiced all sorts of magic. I do have other items from this group, but this is the only one I wish to part with at this time.

I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the items in blog posts on the forum.

Thanks for looking

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Nothing I am selling is for entertainment purposes!!!!!
Therianthropy Power ~ RR
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