They Wait For You-- Claire


I have many types of spirits,children,babies,women and men ,all with different personalities. These are the ones I'm listing now. But I will have others that are going on that you will have to figure out who they are. I have not had the time to spend with all of them and most of those come from the New York area. These in the  THEY AWAIT YOU I know who they are and have gotten to know them.

It is a good thing to have a human spirit because it gives you that energy of what you are. I fully believe that once touched by a spirit that you become more ? Powerful? I really don't want to say that but instead that you get "touched" this always gives you a certain level of psychic ability. What that level is I never know. It's like when a person dies and comes back,many come back with abilities. This is because those people were touched by other human spirits.

Either way try and pick one that will blend with your family. Many years ago I had a ton of these and everyone had great success with all of them. I hope that you do to.

Another thing to remember is that not everyone can see a spirit so to take one means that you should talk to him or her age appropriate to the person every day. While a playmate for your child would be great you will have to pay attention to them too or they will feel left out. Many child spirits do not know they are dead. When I ship them I have to tell them they are going for a ride on a plane if they were around at the time of planes.  Things can get complicated.

The spirit in this piece is a young girl, perhaps age 7 or 8 I think.  Her name is Claire.   She is one of the rare spirits who isn't from the New York area.  She is actually from medieval Europe and died during one of the outbreaks of plague.  She carries a doll with her whom she's calls Greta, perhaps a clue to the fact that she might originally be from somewhere in Germany.  She loves to play tea with Greta and has often times asked me to play with her, which is strange because playing tea time is more of an English chilldren thing.  Maybe she had a nanny.  Either way, she definitely doesn't realize she has passed away, which is sometimes the case with the younger ones.  When you allow Claire into your life, she will give you a spiritual, psychic awakening by default.  This will open your third eye and allow for many more psychic ability to see their way into your life. 

They Wait For You-- Claire
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