Through the Darkness and the Light

Sometimes you feel like a nut.  Sometimes you don't.  It just depends on what kind of mood you're in I guess.  The same applies to magic.  There are some days that I wake up and just want to release magic little rays of sunshine on the whole world.  Then, there are days that my thoughts are way more sinister than anything that you could ever imaginge.  I mean, I don't act on these thoughts, I'm just saying that if I chose to I could certainly use my magic for either cause or the other.  Some days white magic.  Some days are black magic.  It's all relative because everyone, whether they are aware of it or not, have days like these.  Thank goodness not everyone has magical abilities or there might be more chaos in the world. 

My point is, it's always better to be well verse.  There is probably not anyone more versed in dual form magic than the one that goes by the name Bres.  Bres is a superior druid of celtic magic.  He is the offspring Dalbaech, the God of the Fomorians who fathered his father Elatha.  The Fomorians are the indestructible beings that existed while the world was still void and formless.  They kind of draw a loose parallel to Greek Titans.  Either way Dalbaech, kind of darkness, had a son who had a son with one of the Tuatha De Danaan, or for our purposes the TDD.  The TDD are the white light gods of humans.  So you can see this love child, Bres is half dark and half light.  Thus, he has the divinity of druidic sorcery that is both light and dark. 

This item is a direct link to Bres and his magic.  It was made by a current-day druid that practices his magic in the secluded hills of Ireland.  There really isn't much more to this piece to be told than this is who we got it from.  His name is Rory and he is immortal and has been making enchanted items like this for decades.  This particular item, like I've said, calls upon the ancient spirit of Bres.  It will bring you ALL of the magic and spells of druidic sorcery.  It gives you the light and the dark, because this piece is dual in nature just like Bres, himself.  The potential of this piece is limitlless just because of the fact that druid socrcery is raw in form, meaning that it can be used to create other magic to pretty much do anything that you need it to do.  How you use this piece is entirely free in terms of the polarity of the magic and more importantly entirely up to you. 

Through the Darkness and the Light
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