Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part I)

Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part I) : Ordo Templi Orientis

Searching the world for magic can be an exhausting feat to accomplish. However, once you find the magic you are looking for it can be very rewarding. I have spent the last five years searching for the most unique magic that I could possibly find. I have finally wrapped up this project and I am ready to share my results.

I will showcase the powers and magic that I have discovered in a ten part series. The series will be called “Through the Eyes of the Occult”, as you see above, and will be able to be found on the website by simply searching that name of the title. Each showcase will feature one unique item that is proprietary to the power source from which it comes. This is going to be an interesting experience and you are going to want to own at least one of the unique powers-- read on, I guarantee it.

The Ordo Templi Orientis, which goes by the acronym OTO, is an international fraternal society and religions group. It was founded around the turn of the of 20th Century by Aleister Crowley. The cult is also identified as the Order of the Temple of the East and/or Order of Oriental Templars. The founder of the group, Crowley, is an English author and and infamous Satanist.

The group was originally planned to be a gnostic cult, like a Freemason group, but that changed when Crowley decided to public with some of his Satanic doctrines. They are governed under the Thelma law, which is best expressed as a philosophy that states, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

There are some portions of the OTO's ritualistic practices that do remain a secret, however. For instance, the group is renowned for their Freemason form of Black Magic. Nobody knows for sure what this magic does or how it works. It was documented in a book that actually had to be pulled because the OTO pressed charges based on invasion of privacy and the compromising of their religious fundamentals. Thus the OTO has managed to keep the majority of its “inner secrets” from being compromised.

What has been leaked however, is the the form of black magic that they practice is the most powerful that has been encountered in the world as we know it. It involves very unusual rituals. The group is branded to include sexual rituals that include practices both heterosexual and homosexual in nature. In fact, most of the teachings of the OTO are magical orders that enlighten the system of Masonic style of sexual magic.

What this piece will do for you is unveil the Masonic secrets of the Ordo Templi Orientis, for you. A majority of their teachings are kept cover, even unto present day. This piece is going to give you the knowledge of all of these secrets. It is going to allow you to perform the OTO's dark arts, but it has been given a negation spell that will keep you from ever becoming harmed or spiritually seized by negative energies and entities. You will gain a comprehension of Masonic sexual magic rituals and you will be able to tap into the power that is associated with these rituals.

This piece is not for everyone, because it is dark in nature, but it is very powerful and does NOT have to be used for negative purposes. Once this piece is in your possession you will automatically be inducted into the Order. You will be treated a Brethren of Fellowship, whereupon your spirit will be autonomously trained and enlightened in all the secrets that have ever been held by the Order. You do not want to miss out on this one.


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Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part I)
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