Time Changer

Time Changer --

Do the days just seem to fly by for you? You start something and never have time to finish it? When you are having fun, or have a deadline to meet the time flies, and then when we are bored or cannot wait for something to end the day seems to drag on~

This piece was imparted and designed by Merlin, and it prevails the atonement of the hours in a day to allow the Universal energies to erupt when you wish it to, so that you can control the speed and time as you so desire.

Is it the day before your vacation and you are stuck at work, watching the clock? Well now speed up that last day of work and let it fly by..... or maybe you are on a date and it is going great, you do not want the night to end, but you need to pick up the kids --- well now give yourself some more time.

The essence of control with this piece can bring a whole new ideal of function forward in your life! You will be able to indicate the portrayal of time to fit your needs.... which is an amazing ability and power to have!

Finding time and merging flashes to pass the time when you so need it is truly incredible~!

Time Changer
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