Tiny Tiny Ta Ta's -TOA

Ladies! What's the fastest way to have instant sex appeal? Add some curves in all the right places. Men are biologically engineered to drool over cleavage. It has been statistically proven that those with a nicely developed chest get preferential treatment. It's time for you to take advantage of that!

These pins are a safe alternative to plastic surgery, hormone-producing chemicals, uncomfortable bras or strange folk remedies. If you didn't like what God gave you, do something about it!

You will get both pins, which hook into your bra for your choice of bigger or smaller boobies! One pin will enlarge them and the other will reduce them, depending on what you need. These are not only decorative and vintage but cast by the sex master and love connector, Korina. Use the pins to adjust to the perfect size you've always dreamed of!

Tiny Tiny Ta Ta's -TOA
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