Tlahuelpuchi of Mexico

Tlahuelpuchi of Mexico

In rural Tlaxcala, Mexico, one of the most feared vampire witches is the tlahuelpuchi, a shape shifting human who can assume animal form, and who sucks the blood of infants, causing them to die.

The tlahuelpuchi epitomizes everything that is horrible, evil and hateful. It can be either male or female, but usually is female, who considered to be the more bloodthirsty and evil of the two.

Tlahuelpuchis are born into their fate; they normally cannot transmit or teach their powers to others. They are independent agents of evil, but will do the bidding of higher evil forces, such as the devil.

For example, they will act as intermediaries (in animal form) in transactions involving selling of the soul to the devil and making pacts with the devil. Tlahuelpuchis are more powerful than nahuales, a trickster type of supernatural agent.

When a tlahuelpuchi is born, it cannot be distinguished from an ordinary infant. Differences do not emerge until puberty, at which point their supernatural powers such as shape-shifting suddenly manifest. For females, this often occurs with the onset of the menses. When the powers manifest, the tlahuelpuchis of both sexes begin to have a life-long, uncontrollable urge to drink human blood, especially that of infants. This causes a great deal of unhappiness and shame to their families, who go to great lengths to cover up their secret in order to avoid being stigmatized and ostracized by the community.

Tlahuelpuchis cannot attack members of their own families, unless they reveal their secret. Although tlahuelpuchis cannot transmit their powers to others of their own volition, if they are killed, their powers go into the killer. Hence, family members are reluctant accomplices of sorts.

The tlahuelpuchis can shape-shift to numerous animal forms.

They prowl about at night — especially between the hours of midnight and four a.m. – but will operate during the day if their blood craving is extreme. Tlahuelpuchis are not out every night, but only when they experience their uncontrollable blood cravings, which ranges from one to four times a month. They are more active during rainy and cold weather.

Though they will drink the blood of any human, they overwhelmingly prefer the blood of infants between the ages of three and ten months, because it is tastier and more invigorating. The blood of younger infants is not as palatable to them. The tlahuepulchis have a keen sense of smell and can detect the presence of infants inside a home; thus they identify their best targets.

They steal into a home as a mist, sometimes luminous, that seeps under doors and windowsills, or through keyholes, or they crawl in as an insect. Once inside, they shape-shift into a turkey or buzzard, and hypnotize the occupants into a deep sleep so that they can carry out their attacks.

Tlahuelpuchis can recognize each other in both their human and their shape-shifted forms. However, they do not bond together in any social structure, but remain mostly solitary. They are jealous and aggressive towards their own kind, and protect their territories. Poaching on another’s territory may result in a fight (in human form) to the death. They do share a common pact not to harm each other’s primary family. They also share news of outside danger with each other.

A customer of ours had a protection piece around her neck and awoke when a tlahuelpuchis entered her home; she was not put into a deep sleep because of her empowered necklace. She saw the vampire going to attack her 6 month old daughter, who was asleep in the bassinet across the room. She grabbed the gun in the bedside table and killed the tlahuelpuchis.

This vampire was a woman and the powers of her would have gone into our customer, Loralynn, but since she was wearing the protection piece the charge of power went into that piece.

She immediately felt a thrust of heat and shock and took the necklace off. The piece was sent to us and was tested thoroughly for the past 10 months --- the powers will transition through to the next person who calls upon the vampire. This is nontraditional in the normal sense of passing on the power, but with the circumstance the way they are -- the thlahuelpuchis will proclaim power unto the next willing occultist.

Loralynn wanted nothing to do with this piece and we sent her another protection amulet. This piece is now available to those who are heavy into dark magic. This will embark your spirit with the extreme power and desires of the vampire that was attacking Loralynns home.

You will not become a full tlahuelpuchis because of the way this happened, but you will gain the powers of shape-shifting, ability to rejuvenate without sleep, strength of sensory perceptions and gain mind rolling abilities.

The vampire was killed because she misted into a human form and the bullet pierced her heart --- as you take on the form of a being, you, as that entity, claim to their depths of pasture.

This is a piece that is not for everyone, but it is AWESOME and extremely powerful; if you practice dark magic, this is a must have!!


Tlahuelpuchi of Mexico
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