Token Charms -- Item # 1

We have come across a collection of minature charms that have been invoked with a variance of abilities and energies! These are great items to have with you... they can be placed on a bracelet, on a ring and added to a necklace, put on string and hung from your rearview mirror -- you choose how you use it, but the energies are great!

This item is a milk bottle -- this is enforced with a nutrience spell that will help you get back on track with healthier eating!! Many people try to "go on a diet", especially right after the holidays, but the majority fails. This is because you do not need a diet... rather you need a change in your eating habits. This will deter you from eating that extra helping of pasta,;the piece of cake you really had no room for, but it looked so good! The spell elliminates all the emerged thoughts that make you decide to eat, even when you are not hungry -- as this is the beginning of the end to controlling your body and eating habits. 

Great piece for anyone ~

Token Charms -- Item # 1
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