Token Charms -- Item # 2

We have come across a collection of minature charms that have been invoked with a variance of abilities and energies! These are great items to have with you... they can be placed on a bracelet, on a ring and added to a necklace, put on string and hung from your rearview mirror -- you choose how you use it, but the energies are great!

These charms are made to make you feel cool, literally! If you are always hot, or maybe work in a place without air conditioning, then you need one of these charms! These are elevated with an arousing spirit of celestial chill... they will allow your body temperature to be cooled to keep you comfortable!

My dad works in a shop that has no a/c, and in the summer it is ridicuously hot! They have a few fans, but this is merely blowing the heat around... one of these is going to him -- but there are two left. Do NOT miss out, as these are very handy and will help make you more productive as you will not be affected by the heat headaches and ailments as quickly -- you will always be several degrees cooler with one of these 'cool' charms ~!

Token Charms -- Item # 2
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