Token Charms -- Item # 3

We have come across a collection of minature charms that have been invoked with a variance of abilities and energies! These are great items to have with you... they can be placed on a bracelet, on a ring and added to a necklace, put on string and hung from your rearview mirror -- you choose how you use it, but the energies are great!

These devot items are divinty charms. They hold white light energy that will help bring you clarity, peace of mind and serenity. Each day we all face our own stressors, and many times they all seem to pile up and knock us down. When this happens normally someone who had nothing to do with what set us off will pay the price of our annoyance and anger! The stress ignites and sparks confrontations that never should have occurred.

This happens from time to time with my partner and I. I will allow things to build up and then I just explode and normally he is the victim that feels the wrath, and I later feel bad as I say some things that are not very nice because I let all the stress compile and then take it out of him! I know I am not the only one -- and so when these pieces came in I snatched a hold of one of the praying hands charms. 

There is one set of hands and two angels available... they are enlightened the same way -- and will bring you solace and peace -- these are phenomenal~!!

Token Charms -- Item # 3
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