Token Charms -- Item # 4

We have come across a collection of minature charms that have been invoked with a variance of abilities and energies! These are great items to have with you... they can be placed on a bracelet, on a ring and added to a necklace, put on string and hung from your rearview mirror -- you choose how you use it, but the energies are great!

This charm is ready to bless you with a relationship... a GOOD relationship! This is Cupid, but without his arrows. He is not going to make someone yours, but rather appeal your asserted auric energies to those around you so that you will "naturally" invoke a spark with someone!

The impeded energies of this charm are very strong, and you will meet someone great FAST! This works for anyone regardless of sexual orientation, have to disclose as some gay men think Cupid is against them?!

Token Charms -- Item # 4
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