Token Charms -- Item # 6

We have come across a collection of minature charms that have been invoked with a variance of abilities and energies! These are great items to have with you... they can be placed on a bracelet, on a ring and added to a necklace, put on string and hung from your rearview mirror -- you choose how you use it, but the energies are great!

Are you the friend who seems to have no sense of humor? Do you simply just seem to not find things humorous? Or maybe you have a unique sense of humor that no one seems to undestand and you are constantly laughing at yourself?

Well now you can regiment some true wit and humor into your life! As this charm holds the spirit of a jester named Collin, and he will generate triggers into your mind that will allow the areas in your brain to be re-ignited with furies of hilarity. Your sense of humor has a lot to do with your surroundings and those you were around in your youth -- and it is hard to change this as you get older. 

But now you will have emissive energies that will help make you the life of the party and let you not take yourself so seriously... laughter is one of the greatest things in life ~!

Token Charms -- Item # 6
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