Tokens from the Lost City of Helike

Tokens from the Lost City of Helike

In the late 2nd century AD, the Greek writer Pausanias wrote an account of how in one night a powerful earthquake destroyed the great city of Helike, with a Tsunami washing away what remained of the once-flourishing metropolis.

The city, capital of the Achaean League, was a worship center devoted to the ancient god Poseidon, god of the sea. There was no trace of the legendary society mentioned outside of the ancient Greek writings until 1861, when an archeologist found some loot thought to have come from Helike – a bronze coin with the unmistakable head of Poseidon.

In 2001, a pair of archeologists managed to locate the ruins of Helike beneath the mud and gravel of the coast, and are currently trying to peice together the rise and sudden fall of what has been called the “real” Atlantis.

Deedee was lucky enough to meet with one of the archeologists and we scored some of the prized ruins!

This box was discovered, and inside of it numberous ancient coins were discovered.  The relic coins are very small, and for safe keeping we have placed them inside of a small pouch. You will receive the box and all the coins.

These have been showcased to radiate the endurance of wealth and prosperity. The city of Helike was just starting to build their presence and many very wealthy residents began to establish their homes there when the Tsunami washed away their dreams and lives.

Holding these token, empowering, coins will flourish the advancements and blessings that were installed to those who were casted to be Royalty in Helike.

You will facilitate the growth in your status quo, as you are endowed with essential monetary blessings... these are extremly unique, rare and one of a kind~!

Tokens from the Lost City of Helike
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