Tombstone of the Sarcophagus, Temple of the Inscription

Tombstone of the Sarcophagus<br /><br />

This piece is a key to the original TOmbostone of the Sarcophagus in the Temple of the Inscriptions.  The ruins of the Temple are located in Mexico and are of ancient Mayan descent and influence.  The original monolith is 12 1/2 feet by 7 feet with a width of nearly 10 inches.  Although this key to the original is smaller, they say that big things come in small packages.  Magic and the paranormal are no exception.  This replication is as powerful, if not more powerful than the original.<br /><br /> 

This piece gives you the enlightenment of three levels of existence that the Mayans knew thousands and thousands of years ago.  This knowledge was stored in the Temple of the Inscriptions.  It's magic has been channeled into the origianl Tombstone, but this piece is an amplified correspondence between the two.<br /><br /> 

To begin with the very bottom level of existence, as depicted on the inscription is known as the Underworld.  It is our current state of existence.  It is called the Underworld, because as humans and in our current mind form, we are in the lowest level of existence.  We exist merely just to exist, unless you were born with natural abilities or you can find someone (like HC) to assist you along your spiritual journey with the powers of enlightenment.  <br /><br />

This current level is where one will exist until death, unless they strive for spiritual excellence.  The powers in this inscription tablet will arrise your soul and allow you enter into the next level of existence.  With this item, you will be able to view all facets of Underworld existence-- the past, present, and future.  You will gain full ability to recognize your human self for what it is-- nothing more than an incarnate vessel for your true self, which is your soul.  <br /><br />

The middle level of existence is known as the Intermediate Plane.  This is a realm of actual existence, where you will be given all the neo-Platonic secrets and understanding that your former self could not understand.  You will be given the secrets of Mayan magic and prophecy.  You will be enlightened and full abilities of telekinetic and psychokinetic energy will released to you.<br /><br /> 

Like a flood, these powers will wash over your soul, relinquishing you of any holds or impurities or blemishes that may have previously obstructed your soul's abiliteis.  On this level of existence all your spiritual blocks and obstacles will be annuled, which will allow you to pick up any type of power or ability to choose to practice.  This level is going to release you of the burden of having to exist merely as flesh and bones.  While you will still be in your physical vessel, your existence will be as if you are a soul traveling through astral realms.  It is going to give you full power of the mind and the functionality of the third eye, which will be fully opened for you.   <br /><br />

The final level is the Upper World.  This is the level of the Extraterrestrial beings.  They are the ones who have brought this magic to our world.  They are the ones that are allowing us the ability to undergo this tranformation.  They are the benevolent entities that have deposited and instilled all energy properties on our planet.  They are the ones that allow us to really, and I mean REALLY exist, not just as carnal vessels, but as our spiritual selves.  <br /><br />

On this level of existence you will be give the powers and knowledge of the aliens.  It will allow your soul to ascend even further, to become part of something that is bigger than our planet and bigger than our solar system.  You will be part of the true knowledge of everything.  Where does existence come from?  Why do we even exist?  If someone created us, who created them?  Why did were they created?  What is the power source of all this?  All these question will be answered for in the Upper World when you encounter the Extraterrestrials.  It will even instill, in you, the energetic properties of the Extraterrestrial life forms of the Upper World.<br /><br />

Once you have reached the Upper World, this inscription promotes the visitation of other worlds and realms.  Once you know all that there has ever been and will ever be to know, then you will gain all wisdom of being able to travel to places afar and abroad.  There will be no doors to which you will not be able to obtain the key.  YOu will gain the distinct ability of being able to astrally travel to any destination you can dream up.  It is a very powerful energy and it really is as simple as any thought form you create in your mind.  <br /><br />

If these powers and energies sound like something you have always wanted to exhibit, then this piece is for you.  I have used this piece to go through my entire spiritual progression, first through the underworld, then through the intermediate world, and then finally into the realms of the Upper World.  I used the powers that I acquired to develop my own alternate universe, where I can go when things on Earth get to heavey.  It is complete with its own springs, sunshine, and blue sky because that is the thought form that I chose to manifest at the time.  There are no limitations on this piece, because how can there be limitations on something that encompasses everything.  It is impossible.  Go ahead, unchain yourself from your barriers and exist in a place where nothing is impossible and your very existence is a merely a thought in your mind!  <br /><br />  

Tombstone of the Sarcophagus, Temple of the Inscription
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