Tomer's Blood Moon Ring and His 17 Planets

They say that when the moon turns red, somebody is going to die.  It's been the old adage for years and years and years.  I'm sure it will remain in effect for years and years and years to come.  It kind of disappoints me though, to think of this expression.  Contrarily, a red moon, more commonly known as a blood moon, brings forth the energy of other realms, most times result in a fusion of life from beyond, rather than death.  So... just to let you know the old adage is wrong.  People don't die as a result of a blood moon.  

However, during a blood moon, the energy of the moon is more prevalent for creatures and beings from other realms to crossover into our own.  It also makes it more possible, even probable, for those who are seeking to summon other beings or powers.  This is why I'm calling this ring Tomer's Blood Moon Ring.  It holds a drop of Tomer's Blood in the the center of the ring, which has been crystalized into this beautiful red stone.  The blood acts as a "blood moon" and creates the perfect energy to awaken Tomer's powers for the person who holds the item.  

The 17 circles are 17 planets from the vampiric realm from which Tomer hails.  Each Planet hosts a different type of power.  As it customary for the people in Tomer's own race of sanguine vampires, they pilgrimage to these 17 planets to gain the 17 staple powers of their coven.  These powers are the basis upon which the rest of the powers that they will gain as a sanguine race are built.  It is their basic foundation upon which their existence is built.  Every newborn sanguine vampire in Tomer's race is required to visit each one of these 17 planets before they can be considered "full featured" vampires.  Before that they are merely considered "bloodlings" because they haven't received the proper training or cultivated the adequate power to be considered "full power."  

This item has been created with the help of Tomer.  It is a mortal crossover piece, because it doesn't allow the person who uses the item to undergo a full sanguine transformation.  However, it will allow the person who invokes the power of this ring to gain the full set of base sanguine powers as according to Tomer's Coven and his race.  The person who holds this item will be allowed to astrally travel to the 17 Planets, whose presences are depicted on this ring.  You will then gain the 17 spheres of power that are required to become a sanguine-mortal. 

To use this piece, you merely need to meditate with it.  You will feel the energy from Tomer's blood begin to spark a reaction with your own mortal existence.  It will not belong until you are travelling to the realm of Tomer's birth.  Once here, you will be given free range, to roam the foreign universe and the 17 planets (spheres of powers.)  When you visit each planet, one circles on your ring will be activated relinquishing the powers that were stored up in this ring.  You don't have to use this piece to acquire all your powers at once, there is no time limit on it.  However, the more you use it, the stronger you will become.  Here are the powers of the 17 Powers of the Planets that you will have once you've complete your pilgrimage!! 

-psychic mind control
-dream walking
-transmutation (shapeshifting)
-astral time travel
-astral space travel
-sanguine alchemy
-increase sanguine strength and agility
-sanguine succubus seduction
-sexual enhancements
-sanguine "third eye" awakening
-ancient sanguine blood rite magic and witchcraft
-vampiric conjuring (to conjure your favorite vampire such as Bathory or Vlad the Impaler)
-Sanguine Voodoo 
-Vampiric Wealth Acquisition
-Sanguine fortune telling
This piece is Sterling silver and very unique. If your very sensitive to items and heavy energy bothers you,you might not want this one.
Tomer's Blood Moon Ring and His 17 Planets
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