Tomer's Eye of the Temple: The Original Ark of the Covenant

After introducing Tomer, we all know that he is a very powerful and magical being.  Without getting into too much detail of how the items were made, I want to offer them to you.  They represent the vast amount of knowledge that Tomer obtained while under lock and key of the ring of King Solomon's entrapment. <br /><br />

These powers, which have been summoned into an assortment of pieces,  contain the knowledge of the First Temple of Solomon.  Its construction, as you know, was overseen by King Solomon who hired professionals for the workmanship of the Temple.  Other than that, as you also already know, Ornias' legion was forced to assist.  This means that they were given full faculty of the powers that were being stored into the Temple.  King Solomon allowed this only because he thought he had pretty much defeated the vampires and was ready to toss them to the side.  Tomer escaped.<br /><br />

He now holds the knowledge of all the secrets of the Temple.  These pieces are tokens that hold this wondrous knowledge.  With the knowledge stored in these items  you will gain secret of the First Temple, which was constructed as a materialized High Priest out of magical materials and was given holy breath by King Solomon. <br /><br />

With this knowledge, you will receive this same life that will give you the secrets and powers of the Temple.  We have dissected the Temple Body for you and have reconstructed their energy, to offer you segmented powers of the Temple.  The Ark of the Covenant is the Temple Man's nose, smelling the sweet incense and being given spiritual purification.  This power represents the fact that when you are spiritually purified you will be given the secrets of the powers and magics contained within the Ark of the Covenant.  You will be able to peer into and withstand its secrets without death falling upon you.  You will gain all of the secrets and magic of the Ark of the Covenant, which has been a coveted prize of men for centuries, known only by men belonging to secret societies.  The secret is now yours!! <br /><br />

Tomer's Eye of the Temple:  The Original Ark of the Covenant
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