Transcendental Shape-Shifters

Transcendental Shape-Shifters

Ilmu Khodam are very powerful Protective Shape Shifting Guides and teachers. This item holds a Master Ilmu Khodam that was conjured by Merlin.

This item is perfect for those who are wishing to learn, or for those who already know their magical path~!

Ilmu Khodam have extreme knowledge in transcendental magic, and enlightened powers of all other magic types. They are familiar with all religion bases, and so will honor any contributing worker who desires to connect with this piece.

Khodam are well versed in dark and light arts...they are smart and perceptive, as they know all dangers before they happen and will protect their keeper (you) in all magical, astral, and Psychic workings.

Genuine protection that is powerful for both masters and beginners alike!

Transcendental Shape-Shifters
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