Transforming Shug Monkeys

The Shug Monkeys are a group of cryptid beasts that live between the villages of Balsham and West Wratting.  They are distant cousins to such beasts a hellhounds, werewolves, and thewoodwose.  They are beings that take the form of ugly, howling monkeys.  The were once a group of very powerful warlocks that chose to use their magic to torment humans.  They were punished by the mother goddess for their actions and transformed into these heinous, hideous creatures.  However, in an act of pity, the mother goddess allowed them the ability to shape-shift back into human forms for a temporary period of time-- mostly at nighttime under the light of the moon.  

These pieces were made in alchemy transfer ritual in which the energies of the Shug Monkeys were places into these vessels.  These piece now give you the transformation powers of theShug Monkeys times like maybe 50 or 60.  For instance, you can use this piece to transform into anything you want.  You can use it to transform back into a Shug Monkey, into a werewolf, into a vampire, or to assume the form of any living mortal that you choose to assume the identity of.  Additionally, this piece will bring you the powers of witchcraft and elemental magic as practiced by the Shug Monkey band of warlocks.



Transforming Shug Monkeys
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