Treasures of the Knights- The Original Illuminati

The Knights Templar, otherwise known as the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ begain in 1119 as a means to provide security to Christian pilgrims after the First Crusade. Many wealthy Europeans donated heavily to this order --- which maintained a vow of poverty as a part of its credo - and the Knights Templar quickly became wealthy.

They owned large tracts of land in Europe and the Middle East, building huge fortresses, churches, and castles. They ran businesses, farms, and vineyards. They developed techniques that would give rise to modern banking, lending out their money to people and countries throughout Europe and issuing letters of credit from travelers; so basically they invented check writing.

The order was rendered immune to the rule of local authorities. Their power and influence grew as quickly as their wealth. Eventually everyone comes to resent the guys they owe money to, and those indebted to the Templars were no exception.

By the 13th century, the tide of the Crusades had begun to turn against the Europeans. The Templars suffered great losses, both from the Muslims and from rival knightly orders like the Knights Hopitaller and the Teutonic Knights. Never one to miss a trick, King Phillip IV of France convinced the pope that rumors of strange heresies practiced by the Templars were cause for local authorities to arrest members of the order and, of course, seize their property.

On a very unlucky Friday the thirteenth, in October 1307, that is just what happened!

This is when things got interesting. The arrests scattered the Templars, forcing them to become even more secretive. They fled to Spain and Britain, to islands in the Mediterranean, deep into the jungles of Africa, and are thought to have sailed to North America almost 200 years before Columbus.

The Templars were collectors of all sorts of things, mainly religious artifacts. Due to their control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, they were able to acquire a piece of the true cross, the head of John the Baptist, the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant.

These amazing treasures laid beneath the temple buried in secret vaults, which were mentioned in a mysterious copper scroll that was discovered in the 1950's.

There have been many expeditions searching for the items. A contact of Deedee's, Avery, was part of the team who was able to retrieve some items from the vault.

Avery was able to keep several items and brought them to Haunted Curiosities a few years ago. They have been sacred power pieces that were kept in a display case in our office. Deedee has just decided to allow these amazing pieces to be put up for sale.

These pieces hold the incredible knowledge, power and strength of the original Illuminati Knights.

Treasures of the Knights- The Original Illuminati
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