True Astral Travel -- Beach of your choice

True Astral Travel -- Beach of your choice

Have you been longing for a getaway? Summer is passing by quickly and many people have not even yet made arrangements to get away!

Maybe your life is just in chaos, like mine, and you simply cannot make plans, as you do not know what is going to occur from day to day!

Well, just because you cannot physically go somewhere, you now can utilize the regiments of your mind to get the relaxation that you need, and deserve!!

Even if you are lucky enough to have gotten away this summer, you may have a dream of going to an exotic island, and all you got to do was go camping!

We have infused items that will generate a charge within your mind to equip you with the ability to surface your spirit astrally upon a destination and get the peace and quiet you have been seeking!

** These sandals are not only fashionable and "charm"ing, but they will allow your spirit to astrally travel to ANY beach of your choice. When you purchase, you will want to include your favorite beach port, and then where you reside. Then it will be cast to allow the pathway to implement for your to easily get to that beach whenever you need some time to yourself!

Some call it "escaping reality", I call it a smart investment!

~ You will receive one of the three shown ~

True Astral Travel -- Beach of your choice
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