Trumpeting Wealth and Success

This piece is the celebration of one of the greatest singer/songwriters to ever exist in American.  He is also the most famous trumpet player to have lived on Earth.  Some may contest this fact, but their opinions don’t matter.  I’m telling you, personally, that he was one of the greatest of all time.  He ranks up there with people like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven; he’s just from a more modern time period.  In fact, I daresay there are some folks who are still alive that remember when he was still alive.  If you haven’t figure out who I am talking about just yet, allow me to introduce Louis Armstrong.  

Louis Armstrong’s success is still talked about today.  He is lauded as one of the most successful musicians of his time and of all time.  This is why when making this piece, we decided that given all of his great life accomplishments, he would be the one to conjure when it came to creating a success piece.  I mean, the guy could sing, he could multiple instruments, he could dance.  He knew how to entertain, he could make people laugh. He was bound or success at a young age.  

What people don’t know is that this is because at a young age, Louis’ mother cast a Voodoo success spell on him.  Louis came from a very, very poor family.  This success spell was brought on by the Loas of wealth, which allowed him to pick whatever he wanted to to and to become wildly successful and wealthy while doing it.  Naturally, being born in New Orleans, Louis picked jazz and the rest is musical history.  By the time he passed away in 1971 he managed to amass a fortune that would be worth $59 Million dollars today.  That’s not something to turn your nose up at.  This is substantial wealth.  

We summoned forth Louis, who has told us he has gone on to become one of the holy trumpeters in Heaven.  We didn’t disturb his soul by conjuring it into this piece, but what we did do was ask Louis to release the Voodoo powers that were given to him by his mother when he was just a child.  As an homage to Louis’ life, they were placed inside this piece, which is a necklace with a trumpet pendant.  When wearing this piece you will be able to become wildly successful and wealthy doing whatever you want to do.  It doesn’t have to be entertainment related.  It could be sports related, or perhaps you want to be a famous author.  It doesn’t matter.  Whatever you want to do, this piece allows you to be good at it and it allows you to become famous and rich doing it.  It worked for Louis and it will work for you!    

Trumpeting Wealth and Success
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