Tuatha De Danaan Leprechaun

This piece embodies the high ranking leprechaun of the Tuatha De Danann Irish race of the Fay Folk.  All of his wealth powers are locked into this piece and only be awaken when a human host provides the energy to unlock the magic that has been set into this piece by a druid sorcerer.  When you wear the piece, the natural energy from your body will awaken the old Leprechaun and he will appear to you in full form-- all three inches tall-- to share with you his knowledge of wealth magic and powers.  By doing this, he will allow you to call wealth into your own life, as he has called it into his.  And we all know leprechauns love their treasure.  You will receive wealth in your life accordingly. 


 This is sterling and art glass. The name of the Leprechaun is Bartus Patricia Flwers.

Tuatha De Danaan Leprechaun
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