Tunda Vampire Seuction

The Tunda is the name of a type vampiress.  She can be found in the Colombian Pacific region, hidden deep in the forests because she isn't very keen on light.  When she comes across a weary traveller who has been hunting, fishing, or hiking, she will appear to them in the form of a beautiful maiden or sometimes in the form of the person's loved-one.  She then captures the travellers and puts them under an spell of enchantment.  She takes them back to forest where she keeps them to feast of their human energy, as she is an energetic vampire, not a sanguine.  She does not need the blood, she merely sucks the energy and life form out of the human that she preys upon, leaving the dead carcass for other animals and beasts of the forest. 

This piece contains the powers of the Tunda Vampiress.  You obviously will not use this piece to suck the energies from people and kill them.  Rather this piece will allow you to become as theTunda vampire and harvest those energies around you that exist naturally in nature from the earth, wind, weather, etc.  This will keep your vampiric intuition strong.  You will have the strongest form attraction, enchantment, and seduction.  With this piece you will gain the unique ability to charm others and to control their mind, such as snake charmer can charm a Snake.  All you have to do is speak into existence what you want to happen and it will happen.  Then, you can also used this piece as a shape-shifting piece.  By shape-shifting I mean it will give you the ability to appear as human form that you want to appear as.  Maybe you want to be Sarah Michelle Gellar for the day?  Well, this piece will allow you to take the form of any living human form that you can see with your eyes, because it will make an imprint of the DNA and send it to your brain, where the powers in the this piece will fully cloak you by making you appear as the person you want to appear as to others. 

Tunda Vampire Seuction
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