Twenty-Five Days of Christmas Wishes

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness.  It is the time of the year when most people put aside their differences and come together in a show of love to celebrate the birth of the savior, Jesus Christ.  Even if you aren't a Christian, Christmas is a time to get together with families and to see those people that you rarely get to see through out the year.  Moreover it is a time of year where magic has been commissioned to happen, simply because of all the emotion that is in the air.  It is a such a busy time of year that God has commanded one angel to watch over the whole of the event.  He is called the Christmas Angel.  

The Christmas Angel has been given authority by God to perform magic, called Christmas Miracles.  In other words, he has been commissioned to hear the prayers and then grant the requests of those praying during the Christmas season.  We have been able to summon the Christmas Angel into this item.  He has agreed that the owner of this item will get 25 wishes, one for each day of Advent.  This means that from the day you receive your item, you will be able to be granted one wish by the Christmas angel for twenty-five days straight. Clearly the wishes cannot be used to cause harm to others, as they are white light wishes.  It doesn't matter what day you get your piece, whether it is during advent or not, because the wishes have already been put into the item by the Christmas Angel!  Happy Wishing! 
Twenty-Five Days of Christmas Wishes
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