UFO Ring<br /><br />

We ran many tests and performed rituals with this piece and found that it holds powers of another kind! It came from the UFO we saw last year when we were in Alabama --- we knew it was a spacecraft with aliens and followed the path of light it beamed down, with our car.<br /><br />

The light stopped in a field and then almost instantaneously vanished --- along with the ship.<br /><br />

We investigated the location where the light had been transferred and located this item.<br /><br />

The stone of this piece transports you into the realm of outer space; the Universe holds incredible strengths!<br /><br />

Testers were welcomed onto a spacecraft and used for experimentation's; once you bond with this piece you will be guided toward the channel of exploration and will be implanted with the assets of knowledge that extraterrestrials hold.<br /><br />

We have invoked the piece with a spell that will protect your memories and not allow for life altering experiments.. however you will be able to be used for testings that may preclude extreme power.<br /><br />

You will not be harmed, but may be implanted with new technological devices! As part of the testing an astronaut used the piece and he witnessed amazing technological advances that had proclaimed unexplainable in the past --- but now had the remnants of knowledge to understand much unseen foresight.<br /><br />

This piece is an amazing attribute for anyone interested in alien lifeforms and the powers and abilities that reside beyond the crust of this world. The possibilities of what can be learned, absorbed and energized are endless... as your encounters can be many and often ~ this is awesome!<br /><br />

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