The Ulterrans are a race of aliens that live on the opposite side of the electromagnetic barrier. This is like the mirror world. Many times people have come into contact with them by seeing them move in and out of reality. Not many know what they are and sometimes they are even called Shadow people. They are not shadow people though but aliens. One well known case is that of the pilot who flew over the Bermuda Triangle and saw an island that was not inhabited. During this time he flew somehow into a vortex which allowed him to see this. In his own time and dimension this same island is very inhabited. Yet another case is of Joseph Vorin. Joseph just popped into out dimension and landed in Germany. He spoke an unusual language and told of the country he came from. This place was called Laxaria in the country of Sakria. Some how and some way he dropped out of the dimension he was in. Many cases of this happen all the time but we brush them away. You can have coins,items and all kinds of things drop out of nowhere. Do these hold a magical power? YES! Everything holds an energy and that doesn't even account for what the item was made for to begin with. The item your looking at holds a piece of stone from Laxaria. This stone is like a learning stone. It blends with the mind when the metal is held. You place this in a book to absorb knowledge. I have found it is best used with a book that you find hard to understand or need to learn. In ancient texts it is most beneficial. Joseph was known as a lightening man. This is one who learns,absorbs and then passes on information. He was able o manifest texts of importance and place this item on other things to even learn origin. Please do your own research on this. I place no BS on here and prefer to sell to those who can use the items and become educated. We are in a time now when items like these can mean an entire change of life and possible planet.

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