This happened to Ramone, a friend of Steve's that he met in college.<br /><br />

They attended a community college because there was a large mix of people and they really enjoyed the diversity. There were people of all different races and religions who attended the college and Ramone found the environment very pleasant. There was an acceptance and warmth at the college that he found refreshing. Nobody judged anyone; they just accepted them as they were.<br /><br />

Ramona had been attending the college for three months when he started working on a project with one of the other students, Hamzah, who was an Arab. As he got to know him, he told Ramone that he came from a Muslim family. One day while they were working, Ramone noticed another Arab-looking student across the hallway.  He turned to Hamzah and said "Oh, is he one of your friends?" Hamzah looked up and saw the man in question. His expression changed instantly from smiling and kind to a seething, hateful look.<br /><br />

Ramone said he was shocked and asked him if he was alright. He turned to him and stared, with his dark eyes fixing me with a meaningful glare. "That man is trouble," he hissed vindictively. "Just make sure you have nothing to do with him! He is a very, very bad man. Have nothing to do with him!"<br /><br />

---told from Ramone's point of view ---<br /><br />

I looked down at my arm, which Hamzah was now holding very tightly. "You're hurting my arm!" I stammered, terrified. The hateful look on Hamzah's face dissolved and he let go of me and seemed mortified. He apologized profusely, and there were tears in his eyes. He was genuinely sorry for what he had done. I wondered what on earth had worried Hamzah so much about this man. Hamzah was always so polite, modest and gentle; he never said a bad word about anyone. Even during confrontations and arguments, he was polite and gentlemanly, and never raised his voice or became aggressive with anyone.<br /><br />

I desperately wanted to ask Hamzah why he had reacted this way. What had this man done to offend him? But after he had behaved this way, I was quite hesitant to broach the subject again.<br /><br />

A few days later, I was in the cafe at school and I saw the man who Hamzah had warned me about. I was so curious to find out about this man that I decided to speak to him. As we both happened to be leaving at the same time, I asked him what time it was. He looked at his watch and told me. I asked him what he was studying at college. He told me which subject and then we got into a good conversation with each other. I decided to walk home with him that evening as we had got on so well.<br /><br />

So there we were, walking through the streets and talking politely about various subjects when he suddenly asked me if I knew anything about the occult. I replied that I only knew what astrological sign I was born under, and that was as far as my knowledge of the supernatural went. He smiled and carried on walking with me.<br /><br />

The next week we met up again and started talking. I discovered that his name was Abdul and he was also from a Muslim family. But he told me that he had turned his back on the faith and no longer wished to be a part of it.<br /><br />

And what Abdul was about to show me was not of this world.... <br /><br />

That afternoon as I walked home with Abdul, he asked me if I had ever heard of djinn? The word was totally unfamiliar to me, so I said no. Then he said, "Genies?" I laughed at him and replied that I did not believe in fairytales anymore. I gulped as I realized that I might have offended him with my careless words, but he smiled at me very kindly and said that genies or djinn were quite real and they definitely did exist. I asked him how he knew, and he said that he would show me how.<br /><br />

We walked to his house and he made me a cup of tea. Then he went into another room and brought out some candles and a black book with some strange symbols on the front of it. Then he closed the curtains so the room was dark. I asked him what he was doing. He told me to sit down at the table. I did as I was told and he placed the candles and the book on the kitchen table gently. He lit the candles and started chanting some words from the book. I think the words were Arabic.<br /><br />

Then he started chanting a certain name, over and over again. "Malikha… Malikha... Malikha…" As he continued to chant this name, I started to feel dizzy. The air around me seemed to buzz with vibration. Then I heard a deep, Arabic voice come from the air in front of me. I’m certain it did not come from Abdul, who was still chanting deeply. I don't know what it said, but it made my skin crawl. <br /><br />

Then the voice started to hiss at me and shout. I looked at Abdul, but sweat was dripping from his brow and he was lost in his chanting. Then I felt a heat on my face, as if I were sitting in front of a fire, and I saw a spark of light materialize in front of my face. The light grew stronger and the air around it began to swirl. Something was starting to take form in front of me.<br /><br />

I felt an invisible pair of hands grab my arms violently. I was so shaken by this that I ran from the room screaming and fled from the evanescent light that was developing in front of me. As I reached the door, a foreign voice screamed maniacally at me in Arabic. The voice was completely inhuman and was definitely not Abdul's. It echoed around the room. As my fingers clutched the door handle, the air around me started to vibrate and get denser, and the echoing, hissing voice seemed to fade into nothing and disappear.<br /><br />

Abdul appeared at the living room door and asked me if I believed him now. I yanked the door open and ran out into the streets, crying and screaming with terror. My mind was a complete blur. I ran home and jumped straight into bed and did not get out of it until the following day.<br /><br />

After that incident, I saw Abdul walking around the college campus site and sometimes when he saw me, he would give me an evil stare and his lips would curl into a sinister smile. This man had obviously summoned a djinn. As I read a few books and learned things, I discovered that in Islam, djinni are immortal spirit beings that are made of fire. This would explain the fiery heat on my face and the glowing light that started to appear in front of me at his house. I also discovered from my readings that Malikha, or Malik in Muslim mythology, is the spirit that watches over the gates of Hell.<br /><br />

Abdul had invoked a djinn of hellfire. I now understood why Hamzah had warned me about this man and his activities. What I want people to realize is that djinns and evil spirits are real, and that they have great power over things. <br /><br />

There are a variety of Djinns and Hamzah knew that Abdul worked with dark ones; they will not give about blessings, but rather will showcase harm and revenge. <br /><br />

To showcase to Ramone that there are blessed Djinns Steve had his friend come to our office and showcased our ultimate piece of divine strength that is housed by many Djinns!<br /><br />

Ramone was scared and felt unstable... not knowing if he wanted to even encounter another Djinn after his last experience. However he trusted Steve and allowed us to perform a ritual connection with him and he was amazed by the result.<br /><br />

Instead of an evil voice and fiery heat, he felt a tingling sensation and a loving warmth run through his body -- then he was surrounded by 5 illuminated faces; they were enlightened with beaming white energy. Steve told him to ask for his deepest desire; for Ramone this was to gain a great job... as he was just about to graduate. The forces of the 5 Djinn rotated around him and then interjected back into the castle in the mount of this powerful ring.<br /><br />

Within a week Ramone was called by the company where he did his internship and offered a job that started at 6 figures... it was a compnay that normally made you work your way up, but "something" sparked interest and allowed him to be hired for a prestigious position right out of college... so he had a job in place that he was able to start right after he received his degree!<br /><br />

Ramone was SO thankful, and knew this was the empirical means of this amazing piece -- he wanted us to share his experience to showcase how incredible this piece is~! There is only 1 of these and we had someone inquire before that they wanted it, but never made payment --- so here is your chance to have your wildest dreams fulfilled with guaranteed kindred Djinns.<br /><br />

Do not worry that you will be harmed by evil spirits, as these are Djinns of Blessings and this ring houses them. There castle is in the setting of this piece and there villa is in the incredible purple stone.<br /><br />

Testers were granted love wishes, jobs, fulfilled dreams, were able to get out of debt, and were able to live freely without worry; money, love and progression are what were wished for, and is what they all received!<br /><br />

If you have been waiting to get a djinn, this is the ULTIMATE, as there is a whole dimensional village within this piece --- this puts other djinn items to shame~<br /><br />

You will not be disappointed -- this is a piece that really is priceless, but the price put on is a steal~!! DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY*<br /><br />

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