Valentine's Day just came and went -- for some it was a nice day, and others a reminder of what they don't have -- or maybe they "dont' want." <br /><br />

All humans hold the desire to have a mate, and although many people say they are happy alone, they truly aren't.<br /><br />

These pieces have been instilled with a residual spell by Grizzelle that will take the tangled mess of your emotions that prevent you from looking, and finding, someone to love and be with.<br /><br />

My aunt has been single her whole life. She just turned 50, and other than 2 relationship long enough to get pregnant and then be left alone, she never really had a committed relationship. Her daughters are now grown and she is all alone -- she always said she wasn't interested and was content being by herself... well I gave her one of the spell cast pieces from Grizzelle and within a month she went on a date with a man who lives close by that she met at the gas station. She dropped her keys out of her pocket when she was paying for her gas and the guy picked them up and when they looked into each others eyes there was an instant spark!! Had she not had this piece she would have just ignored that sign -- but this opened her heart again and she was able to prevail and now is dating Jim.<br /><br />

Things are great and I honestly can say I never saw her happier~!!<br /><br />

If you are bitter about love, or maybe just have bad luck with meeting someone -- then get one of these!<br /><br />

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