I love this one because we found it on investigation in the Mantua house. One of the witches that lived there did nothing but casting of vessels for whatever struck her at the time. Her name was Divinia and she was very good at what she did. It was all she could do until she made this piece.

This is I believe a AVON piece but it's a little treasure chest that opens and it's beautiful. It's also a necklace and very cool looking. This is a vintage piece and in excellent condition!
 This is also one of the most easy pieces to use.You simply add little  piece of paper inside with what you want OR you breathe into it while thinking of what you want.
When I used it I did both because I understand the power of breath and where it comes from. In doing both I never really waited for much and got what I asked for pretty quickly.
While this piece is not expensive it is well worth it so don't pass it up. In fact the only reason it is not expensive is because it is not real gold or sterling.
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