This is a piece that I came across during a visit to Connecticut. I was in Connecticut on a trip to visit my Aunt Janis. I hadn't seen her for years, but I still remembered where she lived... the same house built in the early 1800's. She probably even had the same wind chimes hanging in the same position that she had the last time I visited her.. three years ago.<br /><br />

My aunt was getting old and things weren't easy for her anymore, so she had commissioned me to help her clean out her attic. The task proved to be an arduous one; taking several days to complete. Her attic was a vast cove of hidden old aged treasures. That is where I found the pin that house Mary, a witch from the 1800's. The piece is an apallid white color, with the picture of a woman who must have at one point been the very illustration of grave beauty. I was drawn to the piece and I wasn't quite sure why; however, I was soon to find out the answer.<br /><br />

I began having very lucid, detailed dreams about Mary. She would come to me by night and beckon into the woods. Some nights I followed her, some nights I didn't. The nights that I did follow her, she seemed to captivate my spirit and would make me do whatever she wanted me to. Some nights these things were sexually explicit, some nights we would just sit by the fire and talk. Morning would come and I would be whisked away out of my trance to the real world, where I would be wondering what journeys I would embark upon the following night.<br /><br />

One night, when we were sitting by the warmth of the fire Mary told me where she had come from; that she had barely eascaped from Salem, as she was convicted of witchcraft, but she was never executed. I found this story to be outrageous, unbelievable, but after all, this was just a dream... wasn't it? <br /><br />

Well, needless to say, she had no problem proving it to me, turning her self into a bird and flying away. The next night, she explained to me that she had come to Connecticut to lay low for awhile and escape her persecutors; however, they caught up with her and before they had a chance to hang or burn her, she cast a spell on herself, locking her spirit into this piece!<br /><br />

Now she is waiting for the right person to come along so that she can manifest the ancient secrets of witchery and wizardry to them. This piece will grant you the knowledge and ability of Mary Perkins Bradbury, and all knowing, all powerful witch. You will be given the powers and abilities entailed in both white and black magic (even though you do not have to use the black magic if you do not want to).<br /><br />

This witch will not have the ability to take over your mind or anything like that, but you will be given the ability to take over other mortals' minds, citing the ability to enchant and entice. You will also be able to insert yourself into any mortal being's thoughts and dreams. I say mortal, because once you wear this piece for seven days and are visited by Mary in your dreams, she will provide you with an immortal mindset, because that is what she has. This will change your view on taking risks and being productive in life~<br /><br />

You also will shine with the most radiant beauty, associate with the most profound intellect and be amazed by the extreme power that Mary will bring forth to you! <br /><br />

Great investment~<br /><br />

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