Coins,treasure chest,wealthin maids and pirates all have to do with money. This bracelet is vintage and unique. But how does it bring you wealth?


In old days the magic was passed down and one of the things was to wear a bracelet on your wrist upside down. This was thought to bring good luck. The reason was because right side up is what you were already doing,to change the position was to change your situation,to bring in the wealth.


Vintage pieces were usually made to bring wealth if they held that theme,and this one does. This bracelet was given to Bette Davis who was very much into the paranormal. I have sold items that belonged to her before. I get them two ways. One is a guy I know in Pa who goes out to Cali to buy stuff from old estates. They other way is some of the stuff I have from my grandmother who looked just like her. In a few movies my grandmother was a stand in on certain scenes. I know that Bette Davis was into the paranormal because one my grandmother told me and two so did the guy from Cali. I can reember meeting her one time along with my great grandmother and they held a seance together in New Jersey on Bette's time off. What she was most known for was her very expressive eyes.


Bette Davis knew that she wanted into the movies but it was hard to break into it. We always think that back then things were so much better but in reality we still had sleeze bags back then too. Bette was not a sleaze bag and needed the money. This is how she got into the paranormal. Later on a lady gave her this vintage bracelet and told her to wear it upside down and that ss she placed it on to speak out load everything she desired in life and to go for the gusto! Well she did and she ended up well off and famous too.


This WAS her bracelet. It features a pirate which is why my grandmother gave it to me and also a treasure chest along with even some coins. I still as most of you know that have been buying from me have a few of her things I keep for myself. The one that gets this will enjoy it. This will work for a man of a woman. This is a magic not male or female thing so if your a guy you will do just a well with it.

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