This piece is an antique and very well made. We think this is made of Jet and gold. The Gold we are sure of.

This is a cross that is over a 100 years old and hangs upside down in mockery of Christ but it is not for a bad reason. You wear it upside down and it will pull in the demons and negative energy with out hurting you or your family. Once you wear it in your home for only an hour you can then turn it right side up and pin it near your heart where it will destroy the demons and negative through the use of the God spark and white light.

What is weird about the piece and I will try and explain it is that it came from a dimension in the future but it has still not come upon us,a revolving door that changes as we do. It is very hard to explain it correctly.

I guess it is easier to say that it is ahead of us yet has already passed us,it is some kind of time changing dimension.

Either way it is very powerful and it could be because of where it came from and how it got here. YES,we have used it and it does work fast. You may even take it out of your home to public places and to friends homes.
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