Umbilical Prophecy

This piece resurrects that powers of the confessor and prophet who is known as St. Adamnanof Coldingham.  He is an Irish Saint who undertook a series of penitential pilgrimages so that way he could better serve God.  Adamnan eventually moved to Scotland, where he met Saint Ebba at the Monastery of Coldingham.  He then became a monk, leading a life of severe austerity.  As a reward he was given the gift of prophecy by God, for which he would be known until his death.

With this piece, you will resurrect the spirit of Saint Adamnan.  You will gain his divine prophecy ability, at which point you will gain a white light connection to god that works like an umbilical through which God will feed you prophecies for the destiny of the world.   This piece will also see to it that you are cfomfortable financially so that you may help yourself and others. You shall not want for anything. This is one of the pieces I like the best.

Umbilical Prophecy
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