Unearthed Canadian Antoinette Vampire

Unearthed Canadian Antoinette Vampire (brought to me by Shine!)

This morning I was visited by Shine.  In fact, I was woken by Shine, who had used his abilities to enter my head to tell me that there was something urgent that he needed to discuss.  So I was awoken and started my day early today, so I'm feeling extra productive.  However, it is now 1 O'clock in the afternoon and I still have yet to be able to find any documentation to verify or back up the piece that Shine has bought me other than link that has been deleted.  It was deleted by the government in hopes that nobody would out about it, as they plan on keeping the body to run experiments on it in hopes of develop new PsyOps weaponry for the struggling Canadian military.  It appears that this piece is at the center of a gigantic government cover up into the unearthing of a Canadian vampire.  The item that Shine delivered to me early this morning is an item that has come from the discovery spot and holds the energies that were release when the vampire was dug up only hours before Shine woke me up to tell me.  

Although the Canadian authorities have confiscated the material body of the vampire, Shine has collected the astrophysical vampire soul, pulling in from the archaic body and transferring it into this piece.  The vampire itself is a descendant of the royal bloodline of Marie Antoinette, who was long believed to be some sort of supernatural being whose bloodline was kept alive after that French Revolution, when her own material vessel was killed off and her vampire soul went off to exist someplace else.  The remaining riches of Marie Antoinette and one rightful heir to these riches were transported to Canada, where they were kept.  The bloodline and her wealth is still in place in Canada to this very day.  This vampire, who is an offspring of the original Antoinette North American Bloodline, wasn't as lucky, and was purged by somebody who apparently found out his secret.  As you know, vampire souls are immortal, its just that this soul has been trapped in its own physical vessel for the last several hundred years.  

When the physical vessel was unearthed, it was immediately known that this body was obviously not like others that have been recovered.  It was different and showed no sign of decay.  Also, when this vessel was unearthed, it release a capsule of energy that was being shored up for the last several hundred years.  Shine was immediately able to the detect the change in atmospheric and vampiric energy and wound up showing up, where he performed an energy transference so that way the powers didn't fall into the wrong hands.  I mean, not that it would have been as easy for a mere mortal to figure it out, but Shine was resilient in recovering the energies which he placed into this piece and brought to me.  I tested this piece, with Shine, once this morning; and once was all I needed to test it.  I was amazed at the overabundance of energy this piece has to offer.  This piece is a token of sheer vampire power.  It offers the best of vampire energetic abilities, while still being able to retain your own separate, physical form.  You will gain the full powers of a Sanguine vampire, including the psychic abilities of mind control, super human intelligence, speed, strength, agility, and the ability to transverse the white light realms, as well as the ones that aren't so white light.  This piece will also give you the wealth powers of the Antoinette bloodline, which will go forth and seek out extreme wealth on you behalf. 



Unearthed Canadian Antoinette Vampire
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