VALENTINES DAY SALE 10/ witches blood fire

This is real Coral with a 14k gold clasp that I now can't seem to get undone but it could be because of my fingernails. I did have it open because I tried it out and wore it. This is called witches blood fire because it is a sexual piece,almost succubus in it's nature. This has a spirit attached and her name is Mags the Hag. Mags the hag was a wrinkled and shriveled old crone who's life was filled with jealousy and hatred. Walking down the street one day she kicked a woman while she was down. She had taken a slip on the ice. She just whacked her right in the knee because she was in her way. When she kicked her it actually fixed her knee and in gratitude the woman who was a very skilled sorcerer told her that she would now have a happy life and lose all her flab and wrinkles. She even told her that her face would change forever and appear beautiful. She gave her what was known as the Witches blood fire. It is a change that occurs for your body making it beautiful. Along with that comes the extreme need to get laid even if no one will touch you with ha ten foot pole,now they will. You will enchant them,seduce them and set them on fire with desire. This is very potent. This is not as good a Pan item but for looks it is great.
VALENTINES DAY SALE 10/ witches blood fire
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