VALENTINES DAY SALE 7 i love my doggie

This is a Valentines special for those who love dogs. I have to tell you I saw Ospreys dog and she is a beauty! She is so classy looking. You must ask to see pictures of her. Osprey I hope you post them on the forum. I loved her in her pink coat ready for the snow. If I ever got a dog I would get one like that. This item will protect and keep healthy your dogs. It is spell cast so you know I'm not charging a lot for it but the lady that does these only does spells for animals. I like her a lot and she really cares about animals. She seems to have a great magic about her but it only works on animals. I'm glad to know she put it to use. To use this item you may place a picture inside the frame or a piece of hair but she did say a picture is best.
VALENTINES DAY SALE 7 i love my doggie
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