This is an extraordinary piece of Sarah Coventry jewelry. This piece was given to Ravnisika as a gift from a friend, and she used to wear it all the time.<br /><br />

While showcasing a powerful surge of empowerment in the Zendikar realm of the vampires, it collected amazing abilities within the magnificent stone. <br /><br />

The adorner of this ring will gain ultimate hypnosis abilities. You also will be able to change dimensions and fortify mind-rolling powers and gain evasive sexual gratification from the collection of desiring vampires.<br /><br />

The shock of powers wished to be utilized and since Raviniska already holds these strengths she passed the piece on to us, also because she didn't have time to enjoy the erotic pleasures that are emerged within.<br /><br />

If you enjoy the powers of vampires and wish to become familiar with their dimensions and realms, and want them to 'sink their teeth into you', then you want to welcome this ring into your collection!<br /><br />

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