Deep in the heart of an ancient woodland in West Yorkshire, hidden beneath a formidable barrier of fierce thorns and dense undergrowth, there is a hidden grave. The grave holds the remains of Robin Hood, the Prince of Robbers, England's outlaw hero.

He was bloodily slain by the Prioress of Kirklees Nunnery six hundred years ago and cast into an unhallowed grave.

If you know a little about the story of Robin Hood, you would know that they try to use Nottingham as the place of pilgrimage, for tourists to visit; although Yorkshire is the real place that Robin Hood did his deeds.

Many had proclaimed to know this knowledge, but had been threatened to let the word out; they did not want to have the nunnery become a tourist site. The respect of the nuns was more important than the truth, or so it seemed. Lady Armytage inherited the estate after her husband Sir John Armytage passed away; shortly after inheriting the property she sold off the Kirklees hall, but kept the farm and the historical sites.

Robin was cursed by a witch on his way to the nunnery, murdered by an apostate nun, and cast into an unhallowed grave. The site had been unable to be visited for years, but now every once in a while they will allow some people access to the land. We had some money set aside to use for new products and tools, and decided that we should use the funds to go to Yorkshire and investigate the site of the grave ourselves!

On our visit to the grave we came across the body of a blood drained goat, diabolical rune signs of the priory gatehouse, and finger width-holes in the ground surrounding the grave -- which suggested to us that there was vampire activity. We also were confronted by a darkly clad woman who turned into a hag with red staring eyes.

We felt the anger from the spirit and did a ritual to learn who she was; the woman we saw was the spirit of the Prioress! Prior to his death, Robin had not been feeling well and decided to visit the Prioress for some treatments to help make him better; Little John went with Robin because he didn't seem well enough to travel alone.

The two outlaws began traveling to the Priory hoping that Robin could be healed. After arriving at the Priory and giving the Prioress money, Robin was taken to a small room, "I am going to cut your arm and let the bad blood leave your body" the Prioress said to Robin. Robin laid on a bed and rested while the Prioress cut his arm.

The Prioress left the room, and told Little John to leave him alone."He needs his rest. Do not go in at all please." Little John felt uneasy and an hour after the Prioress had gone away he went into the room. He saw Robin lying on the bed, and the blood dripping from his arm into a bowl. Little John looked at the bowl wondering why the blood was not filling up the bowl. He picked up the bowl and saw a hole at the bottom.

The hole led to the basement where the Prioress kept her crew of Vampires; for as we learned on our excursion, she was the head of a Vampire coven. Robin's blood was being fed to the cell of the vampires below! Robin had been tricked - and now he had lost too much blood to leave and was very weak.

"I will burn down this Priory for what has happened!" Little John angrily told Robin. "No John," replied Robin, "I have never harmed a woman. I will not start now. Pass me my bow. I will fire an arrow from here out of that window. Where it lands I want you to bury me."

Robin Hood slowly lifted his bow. With the last of his strength he fired his last arrow out of the Priory window and into the wood. The following morning Little John buried the greatest outlaw Sherwood Forest had ever seen. Little John was also attacked by the Prioress after having buried Robin Hood --- he was just on his way off the grounds when the Prioress approached him; she bit him and used his blood for her own nutrition!

The Nunnery closed within a few years once the authorities learned that it was home to occult practices and vampires. Many of the vampires got away, but some were shot with silver bullets and were killed.

Robin's original grave-slab featured a large cross and the inscription, "Here lie Roberd Hude, Willm Goldburgh, Thomas ...", which has since long disappeared, it was literally chipped away over the ages. In 1773, the then Lord Armytage enclosed the grave in a low stone wall with iron railings, the grave suffered further damage in the 19th century at the hands of navies who were constructing the nearby railway.

The Prioress still claims the territory as her own and watches over the land, hoping to transform those who trespass into vampires. The spirit lashed at me and tried to attack; luckily I was wearing a protection piece and she couldn't harm me.

When we got to the grave, the Prioress's spirit vanished. The grave is in very poor condition; it is deteriorating rapidly! It is overgrown and it was quite hard to find --- we were excited that we finally found the grave site! There was much debris around that we started to clear out to get a better look of the grave. While pulling weeds out we pulled a huge flower bulb and all the roots which were buried deep in the ground. It left a hole inches deep which is where we found an amazing piece!

This piece belonged to the Prioress; we learned that she and Robin Hood were actually related. She felt guilty after baiting him for her cell and visited his grave often before she passed. She either must have lost this piece one day, or left it behind to honor Robin...?

All we know is that this piece is filled with power, rage, vengeance and remorse. The feelings we captured and the stories we obtained through séance, led me to feel this was a similar situation as "coming out" if you are gay. It is hard to come to terms that you are "different," you just want to be like everyone else... so you sometimes pretend to be someone you aren't and you have to battle with yourself and your emotions! The Prioress was a vampire and hid it for years from family and friends; everyone just assumed she was a night owl. She fought to keep her life a secret, she didn't want to harm anyone she knew --- but Robin changed all of that and she felt remorse for the rest of her days.

Her lifestyle got to her and she indulged on Robin trusting her to use him to feed her followers. The piece we found showcases all of her abilities as a leader of a coven, as well as the emotions from the Prioresses spirit.

You will acquire master abilities; you will be able to scale walls, transform, drain life-force or psychic energy, control animals, learn how to use misting powers, change in size and dimension and you will gain the strength of the Prioress; which we all know that vampires gain strength as they age.

This piece is incredible, when I tested it I used the ability to control animals and were making DeeDee's cats do crazy things; they were taking things from the basement and leaving them all over the house --- it was hilarious! I also used the power to drained DeeDee's psychic energy, just temporarily, so I could see if she functioned differently without her gift ~

This is a piece that will be useful to all, but especially desirable for Vampires, or those trying to become a vampire!


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