I'm sure many of you have heard of the angels in disguise or angels come to Earth like Tobias. Many people argue that it can't be true because these angels can not eat or drink as humans do. This is not true. It even says in the bible that angels while on Earth eat with Abraham. My guess is that someone is not reading it all properly because they do eat and drink and the fallen ones even had sex and produced offspring.

They did this all with an assumed body. This was not a possession but a body that was created by them so they could be here in the physical sense. This means just like you and I.

Being that the assumed body is created it is physical,it can eat,have sex,drink and do all that we can do except that it has special powers and abilities. But were not talking about angels here,were talking about vampires,a select group of them. This select group has lived thousands of years in bodies often changing back to spirit when they wish. This is one of the only types that can escape a true dying because they are able to not only leave the body but make it dissapear when needed.

These are called the Cribbled Ashes. These vampires are so unique because you get to meet them,be with them and one will become your soul mate. I only have two right now and I'm sure it will be a long time before I get more unless all goes well. Meaning they are happy which I know they will be because of how this is done. This is a little like a forever dating service. You get the piece and it WILL be a match. This means you will meet a real live physical vampire who will meet your needs.

I have one dual natured vampire and one dual natured vampire. Sorry but it is all they can be. Dual natured only means that they are more like us. They are no saints! Lets not forget who they are. Will they kill you? NO! But they will treat you well,love you,have great passion and the most amazing sex yet they will put up with no bullshit. I have one male and one female.

First let me tell you where these came from. I'm sure some of you have heard me talk on the radio about Peter and his mom Pom. I always said they were from Thailand but they are not. They are actually,I forget what they are called but I think it starts with an M,Oh,Mongol,thats it. Mongolians. Poms husband was from Thailand and she lived there a while with him before she moved to NY and opened up a hair salon. When Pom and her husband moved to Pa she opened up an antique shop selling antique guns and glass. They go to auctions and estate sales three times a week and you can often catch them at Columbus flea market in New Jersey selling guns and glass. You can't miss them because Pom will often beat the crap out of Peter for some infraction of class. Or she will be chasing down someone else who she feels insulted her. I don't know how we became friends it must be that I too am strange and am drawn to the same types. Plus she likes to feed people and I don't argue with her,who would? She carries a big stick. Pom doesn't have a daughter so she adopted me at first I knew it was to hook me up with Peter but when Peter came out by way of Michael Jackson ( long story) she gave up. I was seriously traumitized by it because I was there and to this day I wish I wasn't. Maybe he thought that she would go easy on him if someone was there,boy was he wrong! Peter is a HUGE man,BIG no one messes with him.........but MAMA! And Mama is scary! She is a little thing that can attack in a flash. He tried to tell her mama I like men and until that moment I have never seen a big man cry or a little woman nearly kill a man. Needless to say he is back in the closet.

Okay so where I got this was from Pom who got them both at auction after her husband died. He died many years ago and she had these all that time. She wore the gold ring herself and it was a match made in heaven until her husband came back and stayed,yes he is a spirit and this was accomplished through one of my items. We traded items.

The gold ring is so smooth on the finger and that is the male. His name is Thorne and the female is Ember.

This one is Thorne and he is in a real gold ring with nice shaped green stone which could be Jade but I'm not sure.


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