Many people associate the Necronomicon with Lovecraft's book that no one can seem to find. Many books have been made today that claim to be the one or that while reading it you can go mad if you decode it. This is not true.

The real situation is that it does exist but the Vatican took it from the hidden shelves of a London Museum and now they have it hidden.

We shall never see the actual book that was NEVER done by Lovecraft. This book was done mysteriously through a hand that no one could see,written in blood and with certain eyes decoded if the soul was right for it.

Along with many things that would empower a person that read it,there were recipes for mass destruction and for warriors of light. Not only could you learn that but dual magic as well which was most of what it was as every man( human) is of dual nature anyway,at least born that way.

This piece is one of the ones that had the full power of the book placed into it,not that anyone did it but it happened just from being next to the book. That is the Pin you are seeing. It holds the power of multidimensional blood,that is the blood the book was made of. This piece is dual magic.

What can you do with this?

You can cast anything at any time. Casting is not casting a spell but making something real as you want it to be. I say it is dual because you can do anything,white or dark with the piece. You may even write in blood with it if you choose,not like I tested it that way but Steve did and the results were amazing! With this item you need to be more in an advanced state to use it because it is all magic,dark and white and with dark magic comes some serious business.
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