This item gives you all the biophysical powers of the Nosferatu, Dracula generic Vampire - as well as the disposition.

You will gain all the glamour, mind control, Remote Influencing, as well as the physical augmentation of strength and speed. You can also make yourself not be noticed by humans.

The spirit in this piece will grant you more powerful energies than you could ever imagine.

He will teach you how to sink your psychic fangs into all your enemies. To do this you simply hold this piece up to your canines and visualize your dreaming body growing Vampire fangs.

You then visualize or stare at a picture of your victim - best if it is a recent photo, and even better is one that you caught on your mobile phone. The hardware in your phone will be integrated by this vampiric generator and will upload voltage spikes into your victims body; they then will manifest near you so you can bleed away their energies!

When their energies bleed away, they will be absorbed by you and you hold control over their life, until they are able to re-build an energetic force field --- for some this can happen quickly, but for others they never fully get back to "normal."

This is an extremely powerful vampire item that can be used for extreme revenge and just gaining mastery abilities of the Nosferatu Clan~

*Incredible Buy*

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