Quaker Cemetery and an 8th Generation Victorian Witch

This is a piece that I found during an investigation in Massachusetts. I wasn’t in Salem, looking for witches. Most of that crap is fake and commercialized, anyway. The motive for my visit to Massachusetts was to visit a cemetery in Leicester. This town is located in Worcester County. The cemetery goes by the name Quaker Cemetery.

After doing extensive research I decided that this would be a place of interest for a thorough investigation. It is the oldest cemetery in Massachusetts and one of the oldest in the United States, save for the Native American burial grounds. The place has earned the nickname Spider Gates, due to the odd structuring of the gates that guard the cemetery. The cemetery consists of 8 levels, so naturally, there are eight gates protecting these grounds.

Amidst rumors, I overheard a person say that if a person would somehow make it past the 8th gate, they would never be the same. The gates were a gift from Dr. Pliny Earl, Jr., a direct descendent of the Earl family, who were among the first colonists to arrive in America. The Earls, along with a family known as the Southwicks, commissioned the creation of the cemetery was back before America was even fully colonized by the British.

It is said that Dr. Earl put a curse on the gates, so that way anyone wishing to harm to the cemetery would be warded off. Like I said, that’s the rumor. Maybe Dr. Earl actually put a spell on the gates to keep whatever’s inside , inside. I can’t see a real reason for him to want to keep people out, when what lies in the cemetery can do a fine job of warding people off, without help of any kind.

I can’t honestly say that I made it through the entire 8 levels of the cemetery. I’m sure that would be an interesting story. Perhaps, I would be in the loony bin right now, not even caring enough to share my experience. I can say, however, that there is something strange and quirky about Quaker Cemetery. Something there isn’t right. At the same time it’s captivating, and my interest got the better of me, so I went exploring. Curiosity killed the cat, but it hasn’t killed me yet!!

I gathered up my team and our equipment, and off to the cemetery we went. You see, the funny thing about going to the cemetery is that it is perfectly legal to visit the cemetery during daylight hours, but step on the grounds at night and watch how quickly you land yourself in jail. It is a grave offense (no pun intended) that the local police don’t play around with. In fact, some people say they are even worse than the Central Park Rangers. I wouldn’t know, because they didn’t catch me; and as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, we entered at night. What’s more is we had no encounter with a law enforcement official of any kind… not even a security guard. Maybe that’s because they have enough sense to stay out of the place at night. Who knows?

Anyway, upon walking into the cemetery, my perception of reality was warped. I almost forgot where I was, and I felt like I walked into a human time capsule. Time seemed to stand still, and the atmosphere was very thick. If I would’ve had a knife I probably could have cut the air. Spiritual activity hung in the air like Christmas lights on a Fraser Fir. In fact, there was so much going on, that it rendered our equipment useless. As we tried to pin point a specific area to gain the most activity, we just couldn’t get a clear reading, because we’d get interference from somewhere else in the cemetery. Basically, we were stuck using the old fashion method of psychic intuition and gut instinct.

With all things considered, there was nothing too special or out of the ordinary with what we encountered in the first level of the cemetery. As we entered the second level of the cemetery, however, things began to go a little bit awry. Our meter stopped squelching. I began thinking to myself that the machine was going faulty. That was until I looked down at my watch and saw that it had entirely stopped working. Then, Jason began to go on about something funky with his cellphone, which had no reception of any kind. None of our cellphones had any reception, whatsoever. Then Jason’s phone began to ring.

Deedee had experiences with this before. She told us that we had entered what is known as a dead zone. We had no contact with the outside world, nor did they have any with us. All of our devices will stop working and the only thing we had to rely on at this point, was each other. We kept on, because it was kind of too late to turn back now… if we even could. That’s when Jason got the phone call.

We weren’t sure what to think of it, because we knew we were in a dead spot and his phone couldn’t possibly be working. Reluctantly, Jason answered his phone. The voice on the other end was both terrible and ill-mannered. It was warning us to leave—to abandon this place and never come back. We were damned if we were going to pushed around by anyone… or in this case anything.

We made it to the third level of Quaker Cemetery. This is all the further our journey would take us, but to an incredible avail. When we entered the gate to the third level of the cemetery, we were confronted by a deafening roar. I can’t tell you what time of night it was, but the sky was beginning to turn a bluish-purple color. I could tell that within the hour the sun would be up. Not before we were confronted, and nearly consumed by an evil that lurks in the Quaker Cemetery.

When the deafening roar subsided, there was a burning in the sky. It descended upon us like a shooting star. It got brighter and brighter, until we were face to face with the most hideous creature that I’ve ever personally laid my eyes on. It was murky brown and shapeless. It resembled a floating pile of human waste—perhaps I just could recognize a form to it, but that’s how it appeared to me. There was a glowing that came from within, but not a good glowing. It was an orangeish-brown and pulsated like a heart.

The thing immediately put Jason and I into a state of psychic paralysis. Unable to move, we weren’t much help to Deedee. Somehow she managed to break us free of the hold that the “thing” had on us. We immediately held a banishing ceremony, during which we banished the creature to the pits of Hell from whence it obviously came. By the time we were done, the sun was coming up of the horizon. We survived our night at Quaker Cemetery.

In lieu of the being that attempt to cause us harm, the piece that you see below was left. After taking the piece home and analyzing and running it through several investigations, we able to concur that this piece is crafted out of original Gutta-Percha. For those of you who don’t know Gutta-Percha is Victorian-Era mourning jewelry. It is black in color and crafted from the resin of the Isonandra Gutta tree. These trees are found in the Solomon Islands, and hold a very rare form of magic. This particular piece also happens to have the blood of an 8th Generation Victorian witch crafted into it. It has been infused into the resin and hardened with it to craft the necklace that you see below.

The 8th generation Victorian Witches are the most powerful to have existed. They formed a cult in Europe were transported over to the colonies to begin new life, as was customary for those who didn’t live up to societal norms in those days. The witch is neither light nor dark. It just is. It exists in this piece. This piece will call upon the witch for you, bringing you the divination and all the magic and charm and allurement. You will gain all the wisdom to their ancient cult practices. Obviously, this piece had fallen into the hands of the wrong being, who attempted to cause us harm. Well, you see how that went.

This piece also brings you all the magic from the Solomon Islands and the mysteries that exist there. It is an original power that will bring forth the alchemical properties of the sorcery that is found on the Solomon Islands. This piece is very powerful, and again, can be used for light or dark purposes. There is no protection divination on it, so as to not disrupt the power flow in this relic. The choice is yours… just remember you have to live with it.

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