In the Chinese province of Shandong, among what the Chinese call the Five Holy Mountains, soars the peak of Taishin, where ancient Chinese emporers have offered sacrifices from 2000 BC onward. Among the numerous temples, sits the Jade Emporer’s Temple, the site of countless pilgrimages seeking peace or prosperity, including the founder of Taoism, Lao-Tse. Lao-Tse preaches peace and harmony through improved understanding of the inner and outer world. Following the 6293 steps to the entrance to the Jade Emporer’s Temple, Lao-Tse passed through the Heaven Gate, encountering Yu-Huang, the Jade Emporer himself. Upon their meeting, Lao-Tse advanced further toward his goal of enlightenment, with the aid of a particularly interesting gift from the Jade Emporer: a charm that bestows the ability of foresight. Being a gift from the Taoist deity of the present, when worn the item allows one to experience lucid visions of the future, in order to make the most fruitful decisions in the present. Legend states that Lao-Tse, during his journey down the mountain Taishin, lost the charm when he was nearly killed during an avalanche, but in reality the charm was recovered by Chinese soldiers during WWII and has been floating around bazaars and markets in the middle east, eventually making its way to an antique auction in the United States where the charm was purchased. The visions associated with this charm are vivid and will focus on the wearer’s own desires and dreams. This will focus on what YOU want and not what the item wants. This charm is made of Jade and real Tiger Eye which has been added to it. You would wear this as a bracelet or you may take off the charm.

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