Vadium Voodoo Snake Eggs

For those of us who live in the shadow of the paranormal, we know that Madame Marie Laveau has been the biggest Voodoo priestess to have ever scathed the Untied States of American, more particularly the Cajun epicenter of the US, New Orelans.  In actuality VooDoo existed well before Marie Laveau, dating all the way back to Africa.  There are also those roots that trace themselves to the Caribbean Islands, which is the sort of VooDoo that Marie practices.  Hers is called Petro and originated from rocks that were left on the Islands a long time ago.

There are several other types of Voodoo as well.  There is Hoodoo which is practiced in Mississippi and New Orleans.  There is the original Fon-Ewe Voodoo that was carried over on slave ships to Cuba.  Then there is Vadium.  Vadium is a type of Voodoo that originated in Haiti.  It is a powerful, ancient form of the craft.  It isn't a well known practice, because its practitioners try to keep it a secret, but it exists.

Many people didn't know but Madame Marie Laveau (Mamzelle, for short) had a pet snake.  His name was Zombi and he was far from an average snake.  He was named Zombi for a reason, as he had the ability to be possessed by the spirits of the non-living, be they gods or just normal souls.  This is another one of the ways she acquired much of her power.

During a seance, Mamzelle and Zombi pulled through a traveler who happened to be a high priest of the Voodoo called Vadium.  During his possession, which lasted a few days, Zombi was given the ability birth spirit eggs.  Inside these eggs is all the knowledge of Vadium Voodoo.  They hold all the knowledge of Vadium Spells, Vadium Magic, Vadium Rituals, Vadium Rites of Passage, Vadium Time Travel and FULL ACCESS TO ALL OF THE SPIRITS!!  These are deep-rooted truths from an island renowned for its magical success and ability.

These eggs were kept and materialized.  Actually, the powers were simply cast into this piece some time later by the succession of the Laveau Bloodline and voodoo heirs.  This piece holds all of the spirit eggs birthed by Zombi, Mamzelle's Oracle Snake.  They have been cleverly placed in these Venetian Glass eggs and put together on a wire.  In addition to opening your third eye to all of the Vadium magic and voodoo, this piece will all you to conjure 14 Elders of Vadium to assist you along the way.  They each hold their own separate power that you will materialize as your grow in your magic!  Enjoy!   


Vadium Voodoo Snake Eggs
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