Valencia Chalice

Valencia Chalice

Okay, so maybe we weren't able to let you drink directly from the Holy Grail. That's okay though, because this next item holds powers that are nearly as good as drinking from the Holy Grail itself. It will give you holy divination and will make your body perform as if you were at the Last Supper, drinking the blood of Christ, himself.

The power itself comes from the Catedral de Santa Maria de Valencia in Spain. Alternatively, the church is known as Saint Mary's Cathedral, which is less of a mouthful to handle. The cathedral is very old, having been divined by the first Bishop of Valencia in the year 1238. It is actually older than that, as it was built over the site of an even older Visigothic Cathedral.

As far as holy goes, this is most likely one of the most divined places of worship in the world. As I said earlier, it was divined by the very first Bishop of Valencia, who also served as Archbishop of Tarragona. It was dedicated by order of James I the Conqueror to Saint Mary. Additionally, it holds the oldest Chalice known to mankind. It is the official Chalice of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is from this Chalice that I can offer you the piece that you see below. The Chalice was carbon dated to 300BC. The Valencia Chalice is extremely valuable, not due just to it's age and holy divination; rather it also holds mystical alchemical properties as well. It's made of of dark red agate. It's set in a stem that is crafted from pure gold. It sports another upside-down bowl of chalcedony as the base.

It is the mixture of holy divination, its alchemical properties and the fact that it has seen its fair share of ages that make this Chalice very holy and very powerful. In fact, it was of such interest that Deedee immediately booked a flight to Spain, to visit Saint Mary's Chapel. Now, you guys all know Deedee, and she talked one of our connections, who shall remain nameless because of the sensitive nature of the issue at hand, into allowing her to drink Holy Water from the Valencia Chalice. Now how many people do you know that can say they've done that. If you're a bishop you don't count!!

As she took the water, her body began to tremble, but not in a bad way. She saw a light descend upon her from Heaven that she could only describe as similar to when the dove descended upon Christ during his baptism. During all of this, she could see into the realms of Heaven, where she spoke with angels, and received special gifts of holy light from saints.

When it was all over, she thanked the man and left. When returned to her place of lodging, she was getting changed when she realized she had been wearing the item that see below around her neck. On a whim, she decided to test the piece. As sure as the grass is green, her jewelry had picked up the power from the Valencia Chalice, only since this is a channel for energy, the energy has been amplifed thousands of times.

With this piece you will receive a holy divination from the highest beings in Heaven. You will be consecrated as a holy diviner. You will receive the gift of God and his white energy powers. You will able to perform all the same miracles as God's prophets, disciples, and Son. You will be given a special comprehension that will allow you to communicate with spirits and angels a new level that will make sense.

This piece will be like your guardian angel, keeping you save from danger and paving your roads with success and wealth, wherever you may go. It will watch over you and lead in all the right directions. You will receive the piece that you see below, which is too good of an offer to pass up!!

Valencia Chalice
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