Vampire Blood Alchemy Seed SH

You guys know that sometimes there are items that either don't require much of a background story or cannot be given much of a background story.  This is one of those piece.  The piece comes from somebody that I met in passing.  His name is Dmitri.  I first met him in a grocery store of all places, but our paths crossed again on an investigation that I was doing in Michigan.  I was out there investigating some strange goings on in a Chapel on the northern peninsula.  It gets really cold up there sometimes and the first things that crossed my mind was vampiric activity.  

Apparently, I wasn't the only person to feel this way, because as it turns out, my newly made friend Dmitri was actually a vampire hunter on the same mission as I was-- for more obvious reason than myself.  I was merely there out of curiosity.  He was there with a clear objective.  He wasn't a vampire hunter, per se, as much as he was a vampire seeker.  He didn't kill or vanquish the vampires he hunted.  Rather, he absorbed their powers.  You see, each vampire is born with a separate distinct power.  I know that sounds like some twilight, glitter-ass, Stephanie Meyers shit, but it's true.  Each vampire, at creation, foster a particular type of magic.  It grows with them as they mature as beings and will be carried with them immortally until the vampire relinquishes the power or the vampire is vanquished and the power is reborn in a newly created vampire.  It's just the cycle of things.  Anyhow, Dmitri was in Michigan under suspicion of vampire activity, as was I.  We met each other here joining forces briefly.

Turns out that Dmitri is just as old as some of the vampires he hunts.  He is from the Middle Ages-- a count form Hungary.  It's not that Dmitri is necessarily immortal.  In fact, he isn't immortal at all.  Rather, he escaped death by plaque at the hands of a childhood friend of his that turned out to be a sanguine vampire himself.  He gave Dmitri the revival powers that he needed in order to sustain his health.  However, these powers only lasted a certain amount of time.  Eventually Dmitri realized the powers that he had received weren't going to last forever.  This is when he began hunting vampires-- again, not to kill them, but to absorb their powers.  His survival depends on this energy, lest he should shrivel up and die.  I know it sounds morbid, but it's literally how it would work.  I mean, he hundreds of years old. 

Anyway, I can't really describe how this piece was made, as I told you above.  I will tell you that it was made by Dmitri with a friend of his that exists within the rank of immortal alchemists somewhere in Europe.  It was made using alchemy and vampire blood.  The energies were instilled into this piece.  This piece contains the seed of a sanguine vampire.  The piece itself if newer, but the vampire seed that has been placed in this item is ancient.  Using this piece, you will be able to "grow" your vampire using the energies and powers of your own spirit and being.  You may not realize that you have these powers/energies but you do.  We are all born with them, we just don't realize it.  Anyhow, you can use this piece to grow your vampire.  You can grow it into any type of vampire you want.  You can give it any type of powers that you want, which your vampire will, in turn, give you the ability to practice.  Eventually, your vampire will grow to a point where you will no longer need to nourish it, as it will flourish in astral plains all by itself.  It is then that your vampire will be able to bring you any powers or abilities that you want.  You can use to to create a pallet of powers that you, yourself, will be able to perform.  Well, I Mean your vampire will know this pallet as well, but it will always be under your control, so it doesn't matter.  

Dmitri gave us this powerful item because he said that it doesn't work for his purposes as far as his mortal sustenance.  He needs already created vampires to harvest the energy that keeps him alive.  He thought and hoped that this piece would work for him, but it didn't.  Thus, he regenerated the powers and was waiting for the right person to come along to give the item to.  The time has come!  This is your perfect chance to cultivate your own vampire while gaining whatever vampiric powers and abilities that you choose to obtain!!  



Vampire Blood Alchemy Seed SH
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